Introduction to Tuning Forks

May 15-17, 2020

This course is designed to give you the basics on the science of sound frequencies, how they can cleanse, replenish, and restore the body, and how to use the primary instruments C & G as well as the diagnostic High C.  Theory and hands on training will provide you with all the confidence you need to add these powerful tools to your practice so you can serve your clients, family, and friends the incredible benefits of vibrational medicine.

To initiate the registration process send an email to

Secrets Of Sisterhood

Woman's retreats for the everyday woman.

This tribe has a full spectrum of energy to share. With a united mission to enhance Self Awareness, these experiential retreats are created as a unique platform to bring you through various stages of life. The series of transformational processes are holistic, factual, and mystical to fully serve the Body, the Mind, and Spirit; creating an awakened perspective of the reality you are manifesting.

Find the necessary tools to make the changes you need to get real within, and ultimately trust your Higher power. This Journey of Womanhood is for all women, in all stages of life. If you have been looking for a place to call home, a place to celebrate and share, a place to mature and bloom, then you are welcome to join this rapidly evolving tribe.

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