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"The tantric bodywork massage was an amazing experience and powerfully opened my body. Gessica's presence gave me such a safe feeling I could really let go, I was at total ease. Her techniques helped me to release tension and stored emotions and her loving presence helped me to conduct through the process. After the massage I felt much lighter and I had a natural flow through my whole body." 

-Suzanne. Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Gessica creates a wonderful space. She is truly caring and intuitive. I could completely relax into the experience and felt totally revitalized afterwards. I felt safe, happy, and seen.  I feel a lot of gratitude. I really recommend her and would rate my experience 10/10." 

-Jaan. Stockholm, Sweden

"I had the pleasure of receiving Tantric bodywork massage from Gessica on a recent trip to Holland. She immediately set me at ease. She has a gentle, soothing nature with a firm touch! I would highly recommend her services"

-Dennis. Austin US

"I have to admit I was nervous about getting a tantra massage as it seemed out of my comfort zone but Gessica keeps dignity and comfort first and foremost. She keeps you informed and is very conscious of the process. She provided emotional support and I left as a new person feeling so invigorated and inspired. I highly recommend Gessica and her work. 

-Sandra. Cochrane, Canada

"I cannot forget how grounded Gessica was during the session. She provides a tranquil atmosphere with clear intention of the process which allowed me to safely explore the energy in my body. Her intuition gracefully guided her through multiple spiritual modalities which opened my body and mind. It was rejuvenating to feel the energy in my body. It was a delightful experience and it carried over into my daily life. I would be happy to schedule more sessions and recommend this unique therapy for anyone"

-Tyler. Houston US

I had been looking for something to open me up and allow more of myself and of life. I met Gessica and she told me the gist of what she’d learned studying in the Netherlands for almost 3 years, I was impressed and ended up in a session with her... Where the intensity of her presence took over most every inch of me. the competency of her many skills, changed my life. This is a discipline unlike any I’ve come across in my extensive experience… And what an EXPERIENCE!

-Dean. Vancouver, Canada

Mi sono rivolta a Gessica per continuare la riabilitazione ed il recupero funzionale durante il mio periodo di un mese di vacanza a Cochrane dopo frattura del polso.

Il 23 Ottobre mi sono procurata una frattura multipla e scomposta di ulna e radio trattata con riduzione e gesso per 45 giorni.

Alla rimozione del gesso si sono presentati esiti importanti ed invalidanti di ipofunzionalita`, edema, infiammazione, parestesie e dolore alla mano, con coivolgimento delle articolazioni del gomito e della spalla in un assetto posturale di compenso patologico.

Il trattamento integrato con le diverse tecniche usate dalla terapeuta, sia locale che di riequilibrio generale, mi ha dato gia` dalla prima seduta sia un riscontro locale (polso, mano, braccio) di miglioramento della funzione che generale di sollievo, riduzione della rigidita` delle spalle e della schiena, calo di tensione. Ho continuato le sedute con cadenza di una ogni 5/ 7 giorni con progressivo miglioramento e alla fine ottimi risultati rispetto alla funzionalita` del polso recuperata quasi completamente, al completo riassorbimento dell’ edema della mano, alla scomparsa delle parestesie, al recupero della mobilita` del gomito e della spalla congiunti ad un riaggiustamento posturale in uno stato di riequilibrio psico-fisico complessivo.

Grazie Gessica!

Dr. Milievich

Medico psichiatra

Trieste, Italy

During the recent month of vacation I spent in Cochrane AB, I turned to Gessica to continue the rehabilitation process aimed to the re-establishment of the functional and operational abilities of my wrist.

The 23rd of October 2018 I suffered a multiple compound fracture of ulna and radius that was treated with reduction and a period of 45 days of cast.

Since the cast removal I was handicapped by symptoms of hypofunctionality, edema, inflammation, paresthesia and intense pain in wrist and hand. Furthermore the pathological postural asset caused by the before mentioned dysfunctionalities started to negatively impact the elbow and shoulder articulations as well.

The integrated treatment composed of diverse techniques used by the therapist, consisting  in both local and general rebalancing, produced a considerable sense of relief, reduction in rigidity of the overall articulations and lowered muscular tension (from the first session already). I continued the sessions with a frequency of one every 5 to 7 days witnessing a progressive improvement that culminated with the following excellent results: full re-acquisition of wrist, elbow and shoulder mobility , complete healing of the swelling  and paresthesia present on hand and wrist, overall rebalancing of posture and the re-establishment of my psychological and physical well being.

Thank you Gessica!

-Dr. Milievich. Trieste, Italy

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