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Tantric Bodywork

90-120 min from $180-$250

One of the best parts of being human is our ability to feel, and through physical touch we find our sensitivity electrified. The deeper we relax, the more receptive and connected to our bodies we become. This multi-step experience will bring you into full alignment physically and energetically. It takes you beyond the surface of the skin, opening and cleansing from back to front and head to toe. There is a sequence of skin stretching, skin pulling, bone bending, and trigger points leaving no piece of the body untouched. 

This unique style of tantric bodywork gradually takes you through a process which can bring many stories of the past to the surface creating opportunity to surrender and release any stored emotions. This creates space for new energy that be quite invigorating and freeing.


"Tantra teaches reverence for the body, love, respect for the body, gratitude for the body. The body is marvelous, it is the greatest of mysteries"


More About This Tantra Style

It represents self transformation and gives us permission to access higher realms of growth in day to day life. There are many ways a person can view Tantra, and use the many philosophies to create abundance for themselves. It's a celebration of our light and shadow sides, and the amalgamation of the two. In becoming our own alchemists we build a sense of comfort, balanced polarity, and more awareness of the present moment. This allows us to see more clearly our common triggers, traumas, and conditioning which creates a powerful platform for positive change.


This is easier said than done and requires a lot of practice and diligence and that's where the benefits of this bodywork can support us. Humans are highly intelligent in many ways and when things get challenging we are very capable of hiding unfavorable experiences and memories in different areas of the body. When given the opportunity to relax, let go, and receive this treatment we may be surprised to see the things that may come up. The majority of our emotions develop at the time of conception and evolve all through life affecting us in everything we do. There are times when the past can take over aspects of the present and take shape as things like addiction, toxic thought patterns, harmful behaviors, codependency, nonproductive communication, or lack of trust. This puts us in a repetitive process where the overall stability of relationships and careers could be a constant challenge unless we face the reality of what we need to do to help ourselves.

Without accessing vulnerability and learning how to conducting our emotions in a natural, healthy way, our energy becomes sluggish, slow, and sometimes completely blocked and can cause issues in our joins, organs, bones, muscles, soft tissue etc. The more we tune into ourselves and peel away the layers that hold us back the closer we get to our highest potential of ourselves. We all deeply long to manifest an active, fulfilling, mindful, reality. Emotional maturity is a noble art and requires practice, dedication, and the establishment of creating clear boundaries in all we do, this will launch us into flow and allow our paths to become more clear so we can thrive, move, feel, grow, & evolve as independent self sustaining adults. 

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