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Sound Therapy

60 min at $120

The purpose of this session is to re-calibrate the energy field by finding dissonance in the body by using both aluminum and steel tuning forks. The Diagnostic Sound Protocols used allow the recipient to literally hear and feel for themself, what areas of the body need attention. A frequency map of the body is then created with the feedback received from the instruments and used as a guide for the restoration process using the steel tuning forks. The session closes with a sound bath using crystal and Tibetan sound bowls to contribute to the restful, therapeutic experience. When the body is this relaxed the brain enters theta state which is the healing brainwave pattern generated throughout the whole body.


"Sound is the medicine of the future"

-Edgar Cayce

More About Sound:

Sound has been used as a form of healing therapy for centuries. Even today, in modern medicine, a practitioner can use various instruments for this. Tuning forks, the primary tools here, are used as a diagnostic and therapeutic service, which is both effective and beneficial through most healing processes. The intention of the sound therapy is to bring chaotic energy into a unified pattern of cohesion and steady communication.


Our bodies desire a steady, harmonious frequency, yet at a cellular level there is such intense communication happening every second of the day, that we loose touch with how important it is to slow down. Much of this communication is simply unnecessary 'noise'.


This noise is vibrating in some areas, and oscillating in others generating a constant feedback between cells (which are essentially life's stories being processed at an incredibly high speeds) that can make us feel scattered. Eventually, this becomes dense matter. When this dense matter in our body is not tended to, it can disguise itself as unhealthy patterns or physical ailments that can interrupt peacefulness in day to day life. This could be things like emotional issues from our childhood, physical issues in adulthood, unhealthy thought processes, or even addictive behaviors, but because we are highly intelligent beings the body responds brilliantly when provided with the right antidote. For many, sound therapy provides incredible benefits to support their current wellness regime.


The tuning forks can identify (with surprising precision & accuracy) blockages throughout the entire body; from organ and bone health, to injuries such as head traumas, breaks, fractures, or surgeries. They can be used to balance brain wave frequencies, vertigo, alleviate stress, insomnia, provide emotional support, and much more. 


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