Signature Session

* 120 min $250 *

"The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others" -Mahatma Gandhi

This Signature Session is a combination of Sound Therapy and Tantric Bodywork. This is a deep, detoxifying treatment on every level.

Using the aluminum tools we begin by listening to the sounds of your body through a Diagnostic Sound Assessment, we then use the steel tools and individually clear any dissonance before moving into the hands on tantra treatment. The bodywork entails a structured sequence of skin pulling, skin stretching, bone bending, and trigger points. As the experience comes to a close you will receive a sound bath using the crystal and Tibetan sound bowls, which allow your body to sink deeper into the process and drink up the energetic imprint of the session.



More About Sound & Touch

In merging these modalities you will come face to face with yourselves and be provided with the ultimate reflection of inner beauty and healing potential. Full body wisdom can be embraced when we are in a safe space that allows us to get out of our own way to see the big picture. Especially because we can be easily distracted by our active mind, and as long as we are out of sync and lost in thoughts, we are ineffectively processing our emotions and therefor ineffectively express our purpose and truth. Watching the mind during this session can be a very curious experience. 

Our attention and our energy goes where our consciousness goes. Often times we hide, deny, and cover our pain but this session provides the opportunity to fully surrender and conduct the blocked energy in our bodies. In being drawn to change we have initiated the healing process and in seeing our 'stuff' we can see where the fears of our past reside and let them go. Rising up and shifting perspectives puts us into alignment and places us in the observation position of our stories. Sometimes we just need a safe, anonymous space to express our story.

The anatomy of change is not meant to be fearful. It is an art that can be seen as thrilling, adventurous, and the bravest choice for spiritual awakening; because once you practice transcending fears there are dimensions and layers of love longing to be expressed. One of the truest ways for us to experience self love, is when we step aside and let it in.


Surrender to the infinite possibilities of an abundant life where we can relax, and feel... and truly enjoy the enriching experiences of flow. Sound and Touch may very well be some of the ingredients missing from your recipe.