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Alongside her Bachelors Degree she is a certified Tantric Bodyworker, Advanced Sound Healing Therapist, & has 3 separate Master Certifications in Reiki (Shamanic, Usui, Karuna). Gessica has over 13 years entrepreneurial experience facilitating workshops, retreats, programs, & private healing sessions in Canada, Europe, & the US.


From a young age she has had a deep understanding of people and a strong ability to empathize with them. She has always been drawn towards helping others. When Gessica discovered sound therapy and the various instruments used for healing she experienced radical shifts in her own life and her spiritual curiosity really began to accelerate. She was instantly drawn to the vast potential of connecting to the energy body and finding healing using instruments, music, and compassionate connection as a form of health and wellness.  

After spending some time living abroad, she found her most dramatic transformation took place during her studies with The New Tantra school in the Netherlands. After having her Kundalini opened she began physically experiencing energy in whole new way and she was swiftly inspired to become a certified Tantric Bodyworker. This allowed her to hone in on the physical benefits of transcending body shame and finding self love through awakening sexual energy and providing very unique services for her clientele by merging both Sound & Touch therapy in her Signature Session.

Gessica offers sessions to everyone and provides workshops, retreats, and programs almost monthly. You can find her in Cochrane Alberta and she is willing to travel, facilitate, and provide sessions internationally.

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